Boston Calligraphy Trail

FOLLOW THE Boston Calligraphy Trail to discover 26 alphabet treasures inside the Boston Public Library, on the building, and all around the Back Bay and Beacon Hill neighborhoods.

Ms. Shepherd teamed up with Roberta Zonghi, Keeper of Manuscripts, and Heidi Schork, from Mural Crew, to map out the most interesting letterforms
in the city.

Boston Public Library Facade

In an after-school project, young artists studied the history of calligraphy, chose their favorite letters in Boston, and painted huge "portraits" of them on canvas to wrap the stone plinths of the Boston Public Library.

Calligraphy Trail sample letterforms

Click on the image here to view the 26 letters
you'll find on the Calligraphy Trail along with descriptive text.

A self-guiding map is available to help you
retrace the steps to view these 26 gems and more. Groups of 5—15 may arrange for a guided walk by contacting Ms. Shepherd.

Download map which includes the
Boston Public Library floorplan, Back Bay
and Beacon Hill neighborhoods.

Calligraphy Trail small image

Look for these historical alphabet styles written with a traditional broad-edged calligraphy pen.

The Boston Calligraphy Trail project was made possible with the cooperation of the Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, and with the assistance of Mural Crew, a program of the Boston Youth Fund.