Song of Songs, The Bible’s Great Love Poems in Calligraphy

SONG OF SONGS is a unique book of the Bible that has delighted its readers for centuries, while at the same time challenging artists, theologians, and translators. In this scripture, also known as Song of Solomon, physical love is described with graphic frankness; the woman’s voice speaks more often than the man’s; and the name of God is not mentioned even once. There is no other book of the Bible even remotely like it.

Drawn from a lifetime with calligraphy, Shepherd’s designs re-interpret the meaning of Song of Songs in a new way, using traditional calligraphy in fresh modern layouts. She has woven together a dozen scholarly translations to let this timeless poetry speak in today’s language.

Read about Margaret's creative process on her calligraphy blog.

Song of Solomon by Calligrapher Margaret Shepherd