First Church Memorials

TO COMMEMORATE THE 350TH anniversary of the founding of First Church and of the city of Boston, Margaret Shepherd created memorials in calligraphy which can be seen at First Church. These newly designed memorials, the fore-runners of which had been lost in the 1968 fire, echo the modern architecture of Phillip Rudolph and express the congregation's gratitude for the pastors and prophets, poets and patriots, politicians and philanthropists who helped shape their church, city, and nation. Actual size of each piece, shown right, measures 15" x 22".

First Church Today

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First Church Memorials

Letters on the page can be anything. They don’t need the help of drawings or ornaments; they’re powerful all by themselves in the hands of calligraphers who add depth to them.
— Margaret Shepherd

First Church Boston

The First Church in Boston.
66 Marlborough Street, Boston, MA 02116.
Founded in 1630.