The Art of... Titles

SHEPHERD blends calligraphic expertise with a keen eye for social custom in her three-book series about civilized notes, letters, and conversations in the 21st century.

The Art of the Handwritten Note

The Art of Civilized Conversation

The Art of the Personal Letter

The Art of Civilized Conversation book cover

THE NEW YORK TIMES writes: “The authors of the etiquette book The Art of Civilized Conversation say that conversation's versatility makes it ‘the Swiss Army knife of social skills.’...

This book is full of ways in which a two-way talk can be hijacked by one person's self-interest. So don’t tell the bride about your own wedding. And don’t turn an apology into your own tale of woe. Reciting, negotiating, scolding, interviewing, notifying, debating: these are all one-person pursuits that should not be mistaken for real communication...

In a world where loose talk is a growing blight — on radio, television and the Internet even more so than in face-to-face encounters — a book like The Art of Civilized Conversation does speak to a real need.”

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