An Abecedary to Color

THESE CAPITALS are free for you to print out and color in. They come from a book I wrote and drew for Macmillan Publishing, Capitals for Calligraphy, which explains how to design a single letter and use it on the page. Starting in August 2018, I plan to post a new coloring page each week, eventually giving you 156 letters from my collection of thousands.

CLICK ON the icons at right to download your own Abecedary to Color pages. The JPG files are set up to print on letter-sized paper. (Be mindful to print them at 100% and not let the image reduce or enlarge by default.)

You can get new ideas about color combinations from my Pinterest boards Caps for Calligraphy and Beautiful Letters from the Past.

You will eventually be able buy all 26 letters plus other calligraphy decorations as a book; An Abecedary to Color is scheduled for publication September of 2019.

An abecedary is an antique word for alphabetical collection.

A page from Capitals for Calligraphy by Margaret Shepherd A page from the original Capitals for Calligraphy, published in 1981.